Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Someday I will have a big oak dresser, 
six feet tall with six deep drawers.
I will also have a matching desk and bookshelf, 
the kind of bookshelf that doesn't have 
a fake wood pattern pasted to its walls.

Someday I will have a walk-in closet 
with three interfacing bars holding all my garments. 
It will also come with shoe shelves, 
the kind Mariah Carey had on Cribs.
I will line my shoes up first by color then by style, 
and the same with my purses. 
Every morning I will be happy when I look in my closet 
and see a rainbow of my possessions staring back at me.

Someday I will have a bed with four tall posts, 
the kind of bed you have to jump up on to sit on. 
I will also have enough room for another person in this bed, 
and decorative throw pillows 
to remove at night before we lay down together.

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