Friday, September 5, 2008

My unhealthy obsession with BrickBreaker

So last night, I attempted to beat my BrickBreaker record and failed miserably. BrickBreaker is a game on my BlackBerry that I play every night late-night to try to make myself fall asleep. The object of the game is to use a paddle thing and a ball to break bricks. It's a very simple concept, and a great one, also. It's like the modern version of Tetris (who would have thought that stacking blocks on top of each other could ever be so fun?). Anyway, BrickBreaker is kind of Pong-esque, but way more awesome. It also has these really baller little capsules that fall out of the sky (Laser, Gun, Bomb...basically anything that could be used to completely destroy something) that you can catch that make you way more powerful at breaking bricks. 

While I was playing last night, I lost 5 lives in a row. For me, having 5 lives saved up is substantial. I mean, it's 2 more lives than you start with. Usually when I have 5 lives, breaking my record is a possibility. So when I lost my 5 lives in a row, I was extremely discouraged. I immediately thought in my brain, "Dammit my head's really not in the game tonight." That exact phrase. Then I literally laughed out loud to myself (honestly, I did) because I realized BrickBreaker has become so much more to me than a tool I use to make myself fall asleep. It's now a staple of my daily life. Like if all of the sudden my phone broke or fell in the toilet or a glass of milk (true stories), I would be devastated to have to go back to my old LG flip phone with the mirror on the front and play Snake every night.

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JonnySoju said...

I completely identify with this having a high score of 13,940 on my work cell. Brick Breaker has served as an escape from many dull realities, from waiting in the dentist office to being on a first date with your second cousin. Thank you brick breaker...Thank you.

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