Thursday, October 9, 2008

True Blood

I've been disappointed lately by the lack of people who have heard of HBO's somewhat new show, True Blood. Along with The Office and Project Runway, this is one show that I refuse to miss.

Part-comedy, part-mystery, part-romance and part-borderline porn, True Blood combines the best of every possible genre. AND it's about vampires (but not in a gothic/Dracula/Interview with the Vampire way). The vampires in True Blood look like mortals (until their fangs shoot out of their mouths randomly) and don't die from crosses or garlic or anything dumb like that. Plus, Bill Compton, the main vampire, is incredibly hot. There's also an interesting dynamic between humans and vampires in that people are prejudiced against vampires. The VRA (Vampire Rights Amendment), "God Hates Fangs" signs, and the term "Fang-Banger" (a woman who sleeps with a vampire) illustrate this point throughout the show. To add to this amazingness, vampires possess special sexual powers, causing humans to buy and sell vampire blood ("V") like it's a drug.

Bonus: Remember Anna Paquin? The girl who won an Oscar for The Piano and was in that other movie about ducks migrating home or something? She's in True Blood and she can read minds. 

Here's Robert Blanco's USA Today review of the show

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