Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Clearing my Google search history

Tonight I had to figure out how to clear my computer's Google search history.

I'm not referring to the average clearing of your browser's search history, which is simple. This is a bit more tricky. I'm talking about the little Google search bar that contains all of your previous searches with the mere typing of the first letter of that previously-searched word. Example: I'm about to search for the word "appetizers" and I type "A." All of the sudden a list of other A-words pop up that have been searched in the past.

Now as a preface to this little blog entry, I must explain that I share a computer with two other people, one being my father and the other being my 14-year-old brother. The desire to delete these Google search terms was of an unselfish nature and totally for their benefit.

I'm smart enough (and lame enough, in general) to not search for inappropriate or strange things. I google crap like "highway 40 construction," "tuesday st. louis bar specials," "hot all american rejects lead singer," "tv guide," etc. This is enough to make me feel weird knowing that my father and little brother could possibly have this little window into my boring world by tracing my google searches, but not quite enough to make me freak out and feel the need to immediately find out how to clear Google search history.

However, "Miley Cyrus naked," and "celebrities gone wild" were enough. My immediate first thought was, "DAD! OMG SICCCKKK," but then I reconsidered, especially when I saw that all the other searches were shit like, "does foot size show how tall i'll be when i grow up?" (That is verbatim what it said. I laughed out loud. Like LOL. For serious.) Plus my dad is insanely computer illiterate; he can hardly type, let alone sneak around on the internet.

I felt the need to cover up these ridiculous googles for my little bro so my dad doesn't somehow stumble upon them. I ended up googling "deleting google search term history" and took like 15 minutes figuring it out. I'm such a good big sister. It is somewhat disturbing thinking about my tiny baby brother googling weirdo stuff like naked Miley Cyrus. She's not even hot. Gross. And now when I knock on his door and it's locked I'll be more freaked out than before. But at least it's not my dad??

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