Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My four jobs

So I went from having one, part-time job at the gallery to having basically four jobs. (That explains my absence from blogging. My poor, sweet, lonely blog.)

I finally have a real, legit job. I started a few weeks ago doing newsletters and marketing stuff for a CPA/consulting firm. I hadn't been creative in a corporate environment since last September when my internship at Fleishman ended, so it's been interesting to be in that position again. For some reason I'm not at my creative best when I'm billing time to multiple clients in increments of .25 hours. Weird, huh?

I'm also still working at the gallery on weekends and still (trying) to keep up with my Examiner articles. I was reprimanded for not publishing enough the other day. That sucked. After this I think I'll write a really wonderful, intriguing, amazing article about thrift store do's and don'ts. (No research required. Painless.)

My fourth job is interesting...I'm doing some freelance writing/editing for this cool lady on the side. (Basically any nights I can squeeze it in.) It's actually been very educational and I enjoy it because I know she really appreciates it. Eventually I'll be listing artwork online, as well, and hopefully securing some commission.

That's my life, in a nutshell. Definitely haven't had a lot of time to be social. Actually no time. (I don't include driving over to my boyfriend's place at midnight to escape the bugs at my dad's house as "social.")

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