Thursday, August 20, 2009


She puts him to sleep with her words
because he's too tired to actually listen
or just doesn't feel like it anymore.
He only hears the noise
but has no use for the content.
But she's waiting for the rain
to come tapping down and put her to sleep.
if she's lucky.

Sleepless nights of songs outside
sound like she's dreaming
in her mind
but she wakes up and realizes
she's already been awake
and not asleep at all this time.

Her words meant nothing
and those nights when
her teeth fall out
or there's a bad guy chasing her
or they're flying
or they're falling
or maybe together?)
also mean nothing.
But maybe someday something.

When they're living without
a down or an up
a backward or a forward
a wrong or an almost acceptable or a no-one-will-find-out,
in a world
where nothing is definitive
and everything except the certainty of the bad dreams coming
is uncertain
they need things to put them to sleep
be it words
or rain.

And then it poured.

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