Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A List of Upsetting Things

These are some things that have really been upsetting me lately:
  • Burning the inside of my mouth. It causes a painful, peely clump of gum skin to form and also makes yummy foods have less taste. Why can't I ever just wait 2 minutes for the pizza to cool before I bite into it?
  • The taste of water. It isn't very exciting or good, causing me to never drink enough of it. This results in me feeling blah and dehydrated and not having very shiny hair.
  • Freezing cold nights. So many reasons why this is upsetting, but mostly because it's too cold to wear flip flops and because I had water instead of wiper fluid in my car's wiper fluid tube thing.
  • No more Lost to watch. I conquered 4 seasons in approximately 2 weeks and now feel like there's an empty space in my heart that could only possibly be semi-filled in January.
  • Permanent marker on my new shirt. I fell asleep and rolled over on it and now there's a dumb black line on the sleeve.
  • No Forever 21 in Galleria. This seems so wrong to me and this (among other things...and by things I mean ridiculously loud and obnoxious baby thugs who are bussed in without supervision) causes me to hate stepping foot into that dreaded mall.
  • Stupid facebook invites. I'm about to defriend this Jose dude that keeps sending me  lame-ass events. I don't care if its salsa DJ night at Iggy's or if ladies drink for free from 8-10 at PURE. Leave me alone, weirdo.
  • Being poor at almost-Christmastime. I don't think I'll be getting up at 6 a.m. and spending $700 on Black Friday this year. (Dammit I won't get my free tote bags.) Sorry friends and family, I'm warning you in advance that you will be getting bracelets and poems for gifts this holiday season.
  • Attempting to not check a bag. I'm the epitome of an overpacker and with all these vacas, this is really stressing me out. NY next week will be the absolute hardest, but I'm determined to leave room in my carry-on for multiple Chinatown purchases. Amy told me my personal item can be a backpack, so that might help a little.

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Salama said...

First of all: hahahhahahhahahah pause... hahahahhaha

2nd: I feel your pain, waiting two minutes is just too hard sometimes.

3rd: You can add sugar-free syrups to your water, available at any grocer, black cherry is my favorite! Also, VO8 hot oil treatments give you DANGEROUSLY shiny hair.

4th: I want more LOST too!!! I have SO many questions! However, you can watch "enhanced" versions on and find out things you didn't know before, this should keep your pallet whet until January. I also suggest the following shows: The Tudors, Weeds, and House M.D.

5th: Shop online at Forever21; no baby thugs, no getting stuck in traffic trying to drive to west county or south county malls and most importantly MORE inventory!

6th: De-friend, de-friend, de-friend!!!

7th: You should get a seasonal job at the mall, you can make some money and get a discount at the store in which you work allowing you to buy people presents at a discount. However, who doesn't love poems and bracelets?!?

8th: You crack me up, we should hang out soon!

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