Sunday, March 15, 2009

"God will make more bunnies."

Early this morning, my car crushed a baby bunny. I was driving it. Annnnnd then my day got progressively worse.

But this guy Robert just told me, "It's okay, God will make more bunnies." I don't know Robert well, but well enough to know that he's awesome. He's a talented artist and it's incredibly easy for me to talk to him. He just has a good vibe going. And what he said made me feel WAY better for some reason.

God will make more bunnies. And more boys. And more friends. And more people in general. Soon God will even make the weather warm without these intermittent 25-degree days. I've been forgetting about God lately and worrying too much about the temporal. The selfish people and crappy situations we experience in this life aren't all that's out there. I'm finished dwelling on the unimportant. I can hold myself accountable, but I can't change the ways of others. 

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